Dr. Jeroen Dudink is heading a research group that aims to develop novel imaging routines to study the neurodevelopment in pre-term born children. His recent move from the neonatology ICU ward of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam to the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht provides the team with optimal embedding and opens new possibilities for MSc- and PhD-candidates. Currently, Jeroen's group consists of:

Drs. Ginette Goossens (PhD student - Erasmus MC): neonatal cerebral ultrasound

Drs. Irene Koning (PhD student - Erasmus MC): fetal cerebral ultrasound

Drs. Kay Pieterman (PhD student - Erasmus MC): diffusion tensor imaging of the neonatal brain

Drs. Fleur Camfferman (PhD student - Erasmus MC): neonatal cerebral ultrasound

Drs. Lottie Stipdonk (PhD student - Erasmus MC): language development in ex-preterm infants

Drs. Charlotte Teunis (Master student - UMC Utrecht): neonatal sleep studies

The Dudink lab is currently supported by generous grant from:

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